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Are you a first time breeder?

If you are a first time breeder of dogs or you have adopted one recently for the first time, chances are that you do not what exactly estrus is ?

Fret not! This one will tell you all about it:

Estrus are the phases in the female dogs lives when there is prominent hormonal changes in their bodies and incidentally these hormones make them extremely receptive to mating and then to pregnancy.

But in case you are wondering how would you determine if your female puppy is staying in heat and how long does a dog stay in heat, it is every six months or so and for a period of two to four weeks. During this period the female pup or he dog may experience physical changes like the swelling fits vulva and little or profuse of bleeding or any kind of discharge from her vulva. She may also feel incontinence and emotionally also may go on severe to moderate mood swings. It is a delicate period for the female dogs and it is completely natural.

From the time that the female pup are four or six months it may start staying in heat. This means that it is readying for mating. It can present itself to male dogs suggesting mating but it is advisable to not allow the pups to mate in their first and the second cycle because their eggs are not yet ready for fertilization.

Is the period of heat same in all the dogs:

Mostly the period of staying in heat roughly stays for two to four weeks, a few days here and there. But it is seen that in the smaller breeds, the pups start their heat as early as four or six months and the strong and the bigger breeds come in heat only at the age of eighteen to twenty four months.

Legal Issue

Any employee gets a pay in the name of salary for the work he has delivered to the company or business he is working for and this is a flat rate that is fixed and agreed upon while he joins the company first. This includes his leaves, bonuses etc… But is that all an employee is eligible for? Is there anything extra that can get him something extra? Yes, of course, and it is nothing but the overtime concept. When an employee agrees to stay back after the normal work timings and accepts to continue working beyond the limit, business terms it as overtime. This might also refer to the extra wages he gets for every extra hour he works. Generally, the amount paid to him for this extra time is double the normal pay and is a flat rate.

The overtime slab differs from one country to the other and few companies might agree to pay more than what is generally expected to be paid during this period. But again this is possible only when the business follows certain overtime rules and attitudes. Yes, it should abide by certain regulations like the safety of the employee working overtime, his health conditions etc so that he continues to work productively and efficiently offering the business some value. Now, these laws greatly vary from one country to the other and all the businesses and companies involved in commercial activities are expected to follow them diligently.

Some common rules for this overtime concept are:

  • A break from the routine after every 6 hours
  • Limit on the number of extra hours put in by the employee
  • Minimum wage payment that is common for all the businesses. But they are at freedom to pay more for an employee with good productivity.

These are common for all countries apart from the specific ones framed and designed for different sectors.