Health Test

Everyone wants to be loved and cherished but it may not happen to everyone. There are many kids in today’s world who have only a single parent or parents who do not care about their kids and just run behind making money. There is really no one to make a good heart to heart talk with a child and there is no one to monitor their activities.

Teenage is a testing part of the growth of a person, this is when a lot of hormonal changes occur in the body and a kid becomes a man or a woman. This is the age where everyone is rebellious and wants to break free from any restrictions. This is also a ripe age to get carried away from reality and they do not know what is right and what is wrong.

This is the age where many kids are introduced and get addicted to Drugs. Drugs are very harmful to both physical and mental well-being of anyone and it spoils the future of any teenager who tries it out.

The main reason for teenagers getting into drugs is because they are either under a lot of peer pressure when friends do it, so I have to do it. The real reason if one digs deeper is that these kids do not get love at home and are looking for some sort of recognition by peers. These are the kids whose parents do not talk to them at all or the conversation is only about money needs.

Good habits and discipline begin at home and it is the absolute right of every child to be loved and it is the utmost duty of a parent to take care of the kids. It is also the equal responsibility of schools and colleges to ensure that such an atmosphere of drug usage is not encouraged and is nipped in the bud itself. Kids need to be taught and counseled on ill effects of drugs both at home and in schools.