When it comes to taking a leave when you are in college, you would have stringent restrictions to adhere to. So there are many who fake their sick note to furnish a valid excuse for the leaves taken. Fake doctors note templates are available online or you could make one yourself too.

Limitations of making your own fake sick notes:

  1. You would have to put in a lot of time and efforts to make a fake sick note that looks legitimate. It takes a lot of research to understand how sick notes look and to replicate one yourself.
  2. Based on the reason you provide you might need additional documentation to be submitted which might be difficult to prepare on your own.
  3. If your doctor’s note looks phony even in the slightest possible way it would put you at a big risk.

Fake sick notes are available online:

You would be able to download a ready template that would look totally legitimate. This would reduce the risk of being caught. Some local hospitals might also be willing to provide you fake doctor’s notes at a price. This would be an easy choice if you have the time to visit a hospital and get one. But for those instances where you do not find the time you can simply choose to download from the internet. ‘

Be careful not to use the name and details of a real doctor. If you get caught the doctor’s reputation might also be at stake. The accurate information provided on the form should only be your own personal details. The doctor’s information is generally a false one that appears as real as possible. There are several online service providers who would be able to save you all the trouble and provide you readymade sick notes where you simply have to fill in your details.